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Due Process Lawsuits


Education Research

Scholarships For Men


Due Process Lawsuits Database

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This database tracks lawsuits by students against higher education schools which – they allege – have violated their rights in the pursuit of investigating and adjudicating sexual assault. It serves as a unique go-to resource for attorneys, parents, students, teachers, reporters, researchers, advocates, and school administrators.

Database highlights:

Search over a hundred cases with advanced and user-friendly searching, sorting, and filtering tools

Download and examine hundreds of critical legal files

Find an attorney in your area to represent you

Explore media reports on key cases

Examine distilled key case data presented upfront

Potential future features include interactive reports and maps, case tracking and filtering by charge and success rate, and much more


plus lawsuits tracked


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plus downloadable legal files


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Events Database

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Many people would like to attend conferences, workshops, webinars, and so forth, but are simply unaware of their existence. Organizations hosting such events tend to be insufficiently networked with other organizations, complicating logistics and reducing turnout. This isolates advocates and reduces the overall momentum of the advocacy community.

We help solve this problem by maintaining an updated database of events, networking with other groups, and promoting awareness of upcoming events.

Database highlights:

Find events with advanced searching, sorting, and filtering tools

Network with professionals

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More features coming soon



Education Research

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This series of databases focuses on impactful and recent research on men’s and boys’ educational attainment and well-being. Each database is clustered into groups of related topics.

Database highlights:

Explore a vast array of recent and impactful research on men and boys with advanced searching, sorting, and filtering tools

Use research to develop effective strategies for student instruction, classroom management, enrollment projections, and more.

Utilize distilled “key findings” data to quickly find the most relevant research for your immediate purposes

Explore research in the following databases:

  1. Attendance, graduation, and dropout rates
  2. Bullying, depression, and suicide
  3. Discipline, classroom management, and the school-to-prison pipeline
  4. Financial aid
  5. Grades
  6. Instructional strategies
  7. Learning disabilities and disorders
  8. Literacy
  9. Male role-models
  10. Single-sex education

Scholarships for Men

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While there are far fewer scholarships for men, there are no other resources that seek to compile these scholarships and make data on them publicly available. We remedy this problem with our Scholarships database.

Although this database does not contain every scholarship offered specifically to men, it is the most comprehensive and transparent list of such scholarships you will find anywhere.


Scholarships - Balanced Man emblem - 300 x 300

The Balanced Man Scholarship, generously provided by Sigma Phi Epsilon across the United States



Who We Are

We are a U.S.-based organization that advocates gender equity in education. Due to the disproportionate level of institutional investment in addressing the educational achievement and well-being of men and boys, this is our current focus.

What We Do

Our main activities are database development, writing, counselling, publishing, research, public speaking, and networking.

How We're Different

  1. Comprehensiveness. We address the full spectrum of issues men and boys face in academia.
  2. Resources. We create unique and critical resources for attorneys, parents, students, teachers, administrators, and advocates.
  3. By professionals, for professionals, combining years of academic and technological experience.



Financial support is crucial to maintaining the resources and services we offer, taking them to the next level, and making sure people are aware of them in the first place. This website exists because of those who continue to support this site, whether by donating, writing, or by sending content to be added to our databases. As a result, this website serves as a unique go-to resource for parents, students, teachers, attorneys, reporters, researchers, advocates, and school administrators.

I ask that you consider supporting this platform financially, as literally no one else is doing the kind of work we are doing. Feel free to make either a one-time donation or set up a monthly recurring donation below.


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Hi there! I built this platform with my background in education and technology,
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