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Action opportunity (updated): call your Senators to oppose CASA (S590)!

[dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”full” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]Note: For background on why this bill is fundamentally flawed see Jonathan Taylor’s analysis here, and the National Coalition for Men – Carolinas chapter’s analysis here. [/dropshadowbox]

Update 7/26/2015:

While making the rounds on Capitol Hill this past week, we discovered that there will be a hearing on the CASA legislation in front of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) committee this Wednesday morning at 9am EST. The hearing is NOT being broadcast, which is concerning in itself but even more disturbing is the list of panelists invited to provide testimony as provided below:
  • Panel I: Senator Claire McCaskill; Senator Dean Heller; Senator Kirsten Gillibrand; Senator Kelly Ayotte
  • Panel II: Janet Napolitano, President, University of California, Oakland, CA; Dana Bolger, Co-Founder, Know Your IX, Washington, D.C.; Dolores Stafford, President & CEO, D. Stafford & Associates, Rehoboth Beach, DE; Mollie Benz Flounlacker, Associate Vice President for Federal Relations, Association of American Universities, Washington, D.C.
Anyone who has followed the debate on the CASA legislation knows that these panelists are not friendly to due process rights for the accused nor do they care or even recognize the destructive harm done to male students falsely accused of sexual misconduct.
HERE’s where your help is needed! We have been told by Congressional staffers that the best way to be heard on this issue is by having people call the members of the Senate HELP committee and ask them to oppose CASA (S.590). It is even more effective if you are calling a member that resides in your home state, as constituents are always given greater attention. Everyone should call Robert Moran at Senator Lamar’s office as Lamar is the Chairman of this committee. The list of HELP staff members to contact is pasted below:


Senate Office St  Phone (202) HELP Staff Member to contact:
Alexander, Lamar TN 224-4944 Robert_Moran@help.senate.gov;
Baldwin, Tammy WI 224-5653 Brian_Moulton@baldwin.senate.gov;
Bennet, Michael CO 224-5852 Juliana_Herman@bennet.senate.gov;
Burr, Richard NC 224-3154 Chris_Toppings@burr.senate.gov;
Casey, Robert PA 224-6324 jared_soloman@casey.senate.gov;
Cassidy, Bill LA 224-5824 pranay_udutha@cassidy.senate.gov
Collins, Susan ME 224-2523 Katie_Brown@collins.senate.gov;
Enzi, Michael WY 224-3424 kristin_chapman@help.senate.gov;
Franken, Al MN 224-5641 hannah_katch@franken.senate.gov;
Hatch, Orrin UT 224-5251 Katie_Neal@hatch.senate.gov
Isakson, Johnny GA 224-3643 Brett_Layson@isakson.senate.gov;
Kirk, Mark IL 224-2854 brian_looser@kirk.senate.gov;
Mikulski, Barbara MD 224-4654 brent_palmer@mikulski.senate.gov
Murkowski, Lisa AK 224-6665 karen_mccarthy@murkowski.senate.gov
Murphy, Christopher CT 224-4041 russell_armstrong@murphy.senate.gov
Murray, Patty WA 224-2621 Sarah_Bolton@help.senate.gov
Paul, Rand KY 224-4343 natalie_burkhalter@paul.senate.gov;
Roberts, Pat KS 224-4774 joshua_yurek@roberts.senate.gov;
Sanders, Bernie VT 224-5141 david_cohen@sanders.senate.gov;
Scott, Tim SC 224-6121 daniel_bunn@scott.senate.gov;
Warren, Elizabeth MA 224-4543 julie_morgan@warren.senate.gov;
Whitehouse, Sheldon RI 224-2921 brenna_barber@whitehouse.senate.gov;

Original post on June 20, 2015:

Late Friday afternoon I was contacted by a leading Senate office who informed us that Senator Gillibrand is stepping up her efforts to bring the Campus Accountability and Safety Act (S590) to the floor for a vote. This information has also been confirmed in Politico as per this article, which reads:

SEX ASSAULT BILL GETS SENATE HEARING: New York Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is gearing up to push her legislation to combat sexual assault at colleges through Congress – be it through Higher Education Act reauthorization or a separate vote on the Campus Accountability and Safety Act. The Senate HELP Committee will hold a hearing on the bill in the next month or so, Gillibrand said in a sit-down with POLITICO on Thursday, but the senator is also working toward securing the needed 60 votes to advance the bill independently to the president’s desk.

She and fellow Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill are making progress: They already have 32 co-sponsors, including a dozen Republicans, among them Republican Sen. Marco Rubio. “I see very strong bipartisan support, in the same way we had with military sexual assault,” Gillibrand said. “In some respects, it might be easier to go up against your college president than it is to go up against the Department of Defense – so maybe we’ll have more support.”

Gillibrand also said she’s pleased the Education Department has doubled the number of colleges facing Title IX sexual violence investigations in the past year – to 116, as of Wednesday – but noted that there are likely many more institutions where cases haven’t been brought. “I don’t know if [the department has] the resources to close those cases. I believe they need more resources,” she said. “They want to get it right.” The CASA Act authors are working “hand in glove” with department officials to figure out an online campus climate survey that’s widely accessible, and how to coordinate with law enforcement, Gillibrand added. “We are 100 percent in agreement on the parameters of this bill,” she said.

Even in the wake of the now infamous Rolling Stone gang rape hoax story, S590 has garnered supporters and is now up to 32 co-sponsors which represent more than half the votes needed to pass this legislation. Our Congressional friends on Capitol Hill are urgently suggesting that we collectively and passionately voice our opposition to S590 by contacting member offices of the Senate HELP committee. Here is the link that provides the names of the 22 HELP committee members. Go to their individual websites and access their contact pages to contact them.

Having been up on the Hill multiple times talking to legislators about the dangers of kangaroo court campus sex hearings, I assure you that many in Congress believe that S590 can be defeated. However we need to turn the volume up right now.

Do not wait, please call the Senate HELP committee members this week and ask them to oppose S590. Feel free to use the NCFMC briefing document entitled “The Top 10 Reasons to Oppose the Campus Accountability and Safety Act” as reference material which we distributed to Congressional staffers this past Spring.

Senators Gillibrand and McCaskill along with their army of rape culture activists are kicking their political efforts to into overdrive and so should we. Too many innocent young lives are at stake for us to sit back. Please help and call the senate HELP committee members ASAP!

For all that you do, I sincerely thank you.

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  1. MarcusAurelius45

    The following quote is meant to support and corroborate the aforementioned article opposing CASA”Feminist jurisprudence sees the workings of law as thoroughly permeated by political and moral judgments about the worth of women and how women should be treated.
    Given the foregoing feminist philosophical and legal constructs, the determinants of the same are premised upon destroying traditional Western legal concepts of the individual application of the law in an unbiased manner and replacing the same with differentiating the formulation of the law and the application of the law based upon gender (and other class determinants) and how the formulation and application of the law promulgates the goals of women (and, through implication, other groups) against the oppressive “Patriarchy” as represented by men individually and collectively.
    Although feminist jurisprudence revolves around a number of questions and features a diversity of focus and approach, two characteristics are central to it.
    First, because the Anglo-American legal tradition is built on liberalism and its tenets, feminist jurisprudence tends to respond to liberalism in some way.
    The second characteristic is the goal of bringing the law and its practitioners to recognize the law as currently constructed does not acknowledge or respond to the needs of women and must be changed.” (Feminist Jurisprudence- Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


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