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Extremists disrupt Dr. Janice Fiamengo’s lecture at University of Ottawa (Video)

Sponsored by the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE), former Feminist Dr. Janice Fiamengo was due to speak at the University of Ottawa yesterday, March 28, about men’s issues and the double standards of Feminism. What was supposed to be a civil discussion turned into a mess as protesters decided to go beyond voicing their views to actively disrupt the event (again) in an incredibly immature fashion. The man in the above picture is waving a middle finger because he was not allowed to enter the room that the event was relocated to after protesters effectively drove attendees and organizers out of the first room.

This also marks the third time that Feminists & Friends have pulled a fire alarm while a lecture was in progress to disrupt and silence talks by men’s advocates at CAFE events. It is the next event in a long history of repression by campus totalitarians who think that the human rights to freedom of speech only apply to people like themselves. Let this be yet further evidence as to why attempting to “reason” with Feminists is impossible.

As usual, CAFE maintained the professional and moral high ground and was able to not only execute the event, but to also use the intolerance and narrow-mindedness of the protesters to gain the support of attendees who were previously undecided.

Video of the disruption here (notes below):

Timeline of events in this video:

  • 1:46 –Protesters pound desks and blow horns continuously to disrupt the presentation.
  • 4:50 – Protesters start arguing with attendees/organizers. Eruption of clapping/laughter at 5:21. Horn again at 5:45. Yelling by protesters. Security is called. Protester says “I have the right to make some noise” at 6:10 (the classic argument of “my suppression of others’ speech is my form of exercising my free speech”). Various catty arguments by protesters, punctuated by horn blowings, laughing, clapping, and so forth.
  • 8:00 – Organizer tells protesters that if they have something to say to please hold it for the Q&A session. Protesters ignore him and continue blowing horns and banging on desks.
  • 9:11 – Organizer informs Dr. Fiamengo that security will be there soon to remove disruptive protesters.
  • 11:00 – Protester argues that the mere presence of CAFE is a disturbance to the atmosphere at the University of Ottawa.
  • 12:30 – More banging on desks.
  • 13:26 – Organizer says “may we carry on [with the event]?” Protester yells “no!”
  • 14:40 – Update by organizer for livestream audience. Listeners can barely hear him over protesters yelling. Argument continues among crowd after he finishes.
  • 17:56 – Reuben from CAFE reminds audience that questions should be reserved for the end of the lecture, that these issues are not a game, that we are all in it together, and that professional discourse involves not yelling at or interrupting people. He asks audience to be respectful other people who have taken the time to attend. He reminds them that Dr. Fiamengo is a faculty member at this university. Throughout his talk he is interrupted numerous times by protesters. Reuben asks protesters to stop name-calling.
  • 22:10 – Protester asks Reuben how he can speak on behalf of all of them. Based on his response, Reuben (apparently) assumes he is talking about their differences of opinion, rather than their right to have (and voice) a different opinion.
  • 24:55 – Camera is turned toward audience.
  • 27:10 – Security rebukes the protesters.
  • 29:22 – Dr. Fiamengo tries to speak. Protesters start singing (badly) and banging on desks 10 seconds afterward. Dr. Fiamengo rebukes the protesters
  • 30:45 – Protester blows horn again. Singing continues. Discussion by organizers/Dr. Fiamengo. Singing diminishes when organizers and Dr. Fiamengo leave the front of the lecture room. Discussion/argument among crowd.
  • 36:25 – Organizer announces the event will be moved to a different room. Discussion/relative inactivity among crowd.
  • 39:50 – Dr. Fiamengo rebukes protesters again. Protesters rationalize their disruption of the event because the organizers are “being oppressive.” Continued discussion (with many a “patriarchy” reference by protesters).
  • 44:29 – Organizer announces that event has been moved to a room that cannot accommodate everyone due to violation of university policies. Moving of equipment.
  • 45:50 – Man informs viewers via livestream that a confrontation is currently going on outside the new room and that he is not sure that he will be able to livestream from the new room due to the technical issues of that room. A discussion among small groups continues in the room as it is slowly emptied.

These are the people that are coming out of our modern universities.

The second room had less technological capabilities, and one attendee reported that the seating was less comfortable. Once the protesters who violated university policy on freedom of expression realized that they were not allowed in the second room, they started screaming in the hallway and making noise outside, just as they had done at earlier CAFE events. Attendees tweeted about it:

Protesters of Janice Fiamengo at University of Ottawa screaming in hall

And of course, once Dr. Fiamengo finally got the chance to speak in the second room, the fire alarm was pulled by protesters:

Fire alarm - protesters disrupt Dr. Janice Fiamengo's talk (Tweets)

Again, this is the third time that protesters have pulled fire alarms to disrupt CAFE events.

Some people have tried to make the claim that the protest had nothing to do with Feminism. I disagree. The protesters were making the same tired arguments Feminists are notorious for making, and they were using the rhetoric of Feminists the whole time. Patriarchy this, misogyny that, blah blah blah. The protesters never talked about anything other than gender issues.

Luckily the whole event didn’t go up in smoke. Dr. Fiamengo was actually able to speak at length in the second room. Upon seeing the intolerance of the protesters, many attendees who were on the fence politically sided with CAFE, who tweeted about the aftermath of the event:

CAFE tweets regarding aftermath of Dr. Fiamengo's lecture

There are more video recordings of the event that have yet to be posted. I will update this post when they are.



Since we’re currently abuzz about the disruption by Feminists at the University of Ottawa, I thought it relevant to remind everyone that this anti-male poster below was posted at U of Ottawa’s women’s center for years. You can see an article about it in this screenshot of the U of Ottawa student publication The Fulcrum (the article no longer exists on their website). See more in the AVFMS compilation “The Face of Misandry in Academia: a Collection of Banners, Posters, and Other Visual Aids.”

Ottawa WRC


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Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan is Title IX For All's founder, editor, web designer, and database developer. Hailing from Texas, he makes a mean red beans n' rice and is always interested to learn new things.
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Jonathan Taylor Jonathan is Title IX For All's founder, editor, web designer, and database developer. Hailing from Texas, he makes a mean red beans n' rice and is always interested to learn new things.

Comments (39)

  1. JAMIE

    i love how the protesters consider themselves anarchists fighting the system, yet they are probably about as mainstream as Miley Cyrus…… losers

  2. DavidM

    Consequences for their illegal actions? None.

  3. Janet Wilkinson

    They must have CCTV footage of the protesters for crying out loud what is wrong with the university administration….

    • nephanor

      The footage will be “mysteriously missing” if it ever comes time to use it. And anyways, those doing the law breaking will never show their faces on camera, despite the illegality of it in Canada.

  4. Emelio Lizardo

    Typical gender marxist tactics, they’re even singing the international.

  5. Patrick N. I.

    Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. As a former resident of Ottawa and a feminist myself I am very ashamed of them. They could have responded to this event in SO many different ways, and this is the method that they chose? Way to give feminism a bad name. These people are the absolute worst kind of feminists, the ones who simply shout over their opposing debater and call it a “victory”. And pulling the fire alarm? Wow. These people are in their mid-twenties / early thirties and it’s clearly obvious their mindset is still of middle school mentality. This makes me ashamed to be from Ottawa, a feminist and a Canadian. Good fucking job.

    However, on a positive note, congratulations to the event organizers and speakers for trying to maintain decorum for 40 whole minutes while these neanderthals thumped away and blew their dumb horns for their dumb cause.

    These people aren’t feminists. They’re 7 year olds who think yelling is a better option than a calm, collective debate.

    • Pete

      Patrick these people are most assuredly feminists. In fact one of the very first people to ask a question of Dr.Fiamengo during the Q&A identified herself as a feminist professor at the university before she asked her non question of “I don’t know what the HELL you are talking about” to much applause from the feminists in the room. When you identify as a feminist I am sure you mean in more of a “I believe in equality under the law for both genders” feminist. Which is no longer what modern day academic and organized feminism is about. Instead of begin ashamed just identify as an egalitarian which is more in line philosophically with equality anyway.

    • Jax


      These people ARE feminists. This is what feminism has become. Deal with it.

    • Unfortunately, those people ARE feminists – even if that sticks in your craw. Face it: feminism is now a permanently tainted word which signifies nothing good. If you are wise, you will refuse to call yourself a “feminist”, and you will think of another name.

  6. They keep providing such great material:

    “I see you’ve shot yourself in the other foot. Here, let me offer you an aspirin, right after I upload the video.”

  7. Sigh … at some point in time a truthful dialogue will be heard, discussed and implemented with or without coddled faux totalitarian criminals. Imagine of someone dies or dozens die in a fire because they think oh …it’s the feminists pranking everyone by playing with the fire alarm system…. again.

  8. evilwhitemalempire

    If it’s feasible, could someone serve as a monitor at each fire alarm in the building?

    Not to block the alarm, but instead to record (and post) whoever pulls it.

    • At this time I don’t know. Realistically, if someone stands close enough to be able to get an accurate video recording of the face of the person pulling the alarm, they’d probably have to stand so close that it would deter them from pulling the alarm in the first place.

      Not that deterring them from pulling the alarm is a bad thing. But I think there may be some unexpected potential problems from doing this. For one thing, if a men’s advocate is standing alone in a hallway, it’s possible he/she could get ganged up on by these extremists with no one else there to see what is happening. And there’s no telling what bad things could happen from that. Even if there were two men’s advocates standing together…I just wouldn’t ask them to do that.

      • evilwhitemalempire

        Yes, it would be a very dangerous thing to do.

        It occurred to me the other day that if someone was going to be such a ‘monitor’ it would have to be somebody relatively big and it might be a good idea for them to be ‘armored’ in some way.

        This need not be any kind of ‘military’ style armor.

        Instead something along the lines of ice hockey PPE might do.

        Another thought.

        ‘GoPro’ type cams are relatively cheap and can be mounted just about anywhere including helmets.

        They have ‘fish eye’ lenses that give a very wide angle of view making them hard to sneak around.

        And I think some models have the ability to ‘live stream’ data to a laptop or other device a distance away. (Bluetooth perhaps?)

        So that in the case of an attack where the perpetrators might steal the camera there is still a recording of the attack.

        And that wide lens almost guarantees that each participant will show up on video.

        Here is a video of some guys playing soccer in an environment similar to the ones where a lot of your activism seems to take place (hallways, offices, stairs, etc.)

        Note the wide field of view.

        Also note how violent it all is (albeit in a purely kinetic sense in this case).

        It’s quite easy to imagine how well one of these type of cameras would hold up, while getting clear pictures at the same time, during an attack.

  9. I attend Carleton University, which is only minutes away from UoO by car and bus. Too close to home and saddening. Of course, Carleton has such people too, notably a 8th year human rights student (any surprise?) who has tore down a free speech wall along other actions like canceling talks by people like Dan Savage. Kinda ruins any hope of having such a talk at my University…

  10. Another thing now that I remember it. UoO has also recently suspended its entire male hockey team over a alleged gang sexual assault. This before any real police investigation. The team has also been denied going to their graduation banquet. One student recently wrote a letter to the University asking to be allowed to go since he had been acquitted by the police; he was denied. In addition, in his letter he mentions how he has been assumed guilty as have everyone else on the team by the students. If you’re not already of aware of this I’d think it would help in future posts and videos as yet another example if you so choose to use it. Unfortunately, the case is not closed, so someone could be considered guilty, but I think the assumption of guilt, action prior to any knowledge by the University and the denial of those proved innocent will help show what system is like here in the PC capital of the world; Canada.

    • John Melnick

      And who is president Of the UoO?

      • Alan Rock according to google. I dunno how things have progressed in this whole thing; not much in the way of updates coming out.

  11. Pulling a fire alarm without a fire is a crime. You’re think by now they would have learned to keep a camera pointed at the fire alarm.

    • Also, with a history of these events being disrupted you’d think someone would think of calling security in advance to already be on the scene to respond immediately to the inevitable disruption.

      • Security was present at another CAFE event which also happened to be the second time a fire alarm was pulled. They stood by like lame ducks and did absolutely nothing.

  12. Feminism uses obnoxious, relentless yelling as their form of censorship. They aren’t sneaky by trying to pass laws, or use guns and violence outright like the mafia, they just blatantly scream and whine until nobody gets a word in.

    The only way to win is to walk away, and tell everyone who knows the truth as soon as a feminist starts flapping their mouth, walk away. If they say “hey I’m talking to you!” keep walking. If they try to forcibly get your attention, I’d rip away and start running. I’d get the fuck away and ignore every damn piece of them. They get NONE of my attention. I grew up with extreme feminist, batshit crazy, mentally ill religious mother and sister.

    It’s so tempting to argue back, but we’re at the tipping point. If enough people learn to walk away, feminists will lose their audience. Soon, every feminist will know some relationship they have lost because of their hatred. Reasonable people who support men’s rights yet cling to the outdated word will drop the title first, then the “nice feminists”, and soon the ideology will settle its own fate in imaginary hell because of how openly psychotic it is.

    It’s a rare day when I get into a feminist argument that I did not strategically step into. Most people in my life don’t talk about feminism or bring it up. The last time I brought it up was about 8 months ago, in the span of the same day I’d met both a feminist and a strong anti-feminist woman who were good friends and had no idea of each other’s disagreement beforehand. What a strange world it is indeed, Because of things like this being exposed, my hope for the future is going up. Being witness to horrible catastrophic events the evil-doers would rather you didn’t know, well this is a step in the right direction.

  13. chuckles

    Just came across your blog. I wish you the best in your efforts; it is highly ironic that the obnoxious feminist protestors don’t get it. What that shows, I think, is the end of meaningful first-world feminism. Just imagine if the gender roles were reversed and obnoxious men stopped a (so-called) feminist meeting. And pulled fire alarms. There would be hell to pay.

    There is a double-standard. We are seeing it (in the U.S.) in the relatively declining performance of young men and college-age men in high school and college performance. Yet there are only whispers of this. Unfortunately, a lot of men are wimpy and want (too much) to appease these illiberal and embarrassing first-world feminists.

    Women have had great success in changing their societal roles, but seem uninterested in helping men to adapt, also. This is not progress.

  14. Mr Misogynist

    The only thing that comforts me in this whole story is knowing that all these gender studies majors have no future whatsoever in the job market.


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