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Hannah Smith: yet another speech-stomping Feminist fanatic in higher education

In a pluralistic society we aren’t always going to hear opinions we agree with. Hence the need for tolerance for alternative perspectives.

Such was what Feminism used to tell the world before their ideology became entrenched in our academic institutions, back when they were beginning their “long march.” But just as it is with values like equal treatment, values like freedom of speech are now so passe to many Feminists in academia.

Indeed, so immediate is this reversal of values among academic Feminists once they have seized power, and so pervasive is it among them, it’s almost like they never believed in such values in the first place.

Over at A Voice for Men, Dr. Greg Canning has the story of Hannah Smith, the NSW (New South Wales) president of the National Union of Students in Australia. On the official NUS website she actively encourages her students to tear down posters on campus by men’s advocates. Here is the poster, and here – according to Hannah Smith – is the offending passage:

This morning I woke up to a picture on my facebook news feed of a poster that has been plastered all over the entrance to Sydney University campus: “You don’t fear and hate men do you? DO YOU? MEN’S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS”.

Indeed, the concept that men are in equally deserving of basic human rights should be obvious to everyone. I say should, of course, but…you know.

So what should be done about this horrible, hateful idea that men’s rights are human rights? Here Hannah Smith tells us what a Real Feminist like herself does:

By allowing them a place in our intellectual institutions we are detracting from the fights that need to be had and allowing ourselves to be dragged back to square one of the movement- defending its existence. The person who saw these at our uni tore them down. I will be doing the same and encouraging others to do so also. Some will disagree with this tactic because it stifles “debate” and free speech. But I know there is no debate to be had. 

Of course there is no debate for people who have already made up their minds, and whose worldview is so narrow that it will not allow them to consider alternative perspectives. Are such Feminists really a progressive force in society (as they so often describe themselves), in the true sense of progressive (moving us forward)? Or are they regressive, taking us back to an age of discrimination and blind dogmatism?

Head over to A Voice for Men and read Dr. Canning’s article.

A screenshot of Hannah Smith’s article has been preserved here, just in case.

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Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan is Title IX For All's founder, editor, web designer, and database developer. Hailing from Texas, he makes a mean red beans n' rice and is always interested to learn new things.
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Jonathan Taylor Jonathan is Title IX For All's founder, editor, web designer, and database developer. Hailing from Texas, he makes a mean red beans n' rice and is always interested to learn new things.

Comments (6)

  1. Hannah Smith is simply demonstrating what all radical feminist are like at heart. Their worldview is based on oppression, persecution and elitcism.

    When one person or group regards another as less than human they take away the need for compassion or concern over the welfare of the targeted group or person. Radical feminists see men as subhuman and are very capable of committing human atrocities and given the opportunity they would do it.

    The denial of due process; the willingness to punish and the ignoring of men the suffering of men is of no concern to them. We already have in motion in some societies moves that will give women the right to murder men whilst claiming they were suffering domestic violence as an alibi.

    Feminists (male and female) in government actively block discourse on the plight of males. I believe the general population have no objection to men’s issues being addressed, but rad fems are not about democracy and listening to popular demands. They are fascistic and thus anti-democratic. Many feminists are not politicians, but operate in government institutions and tend to be drawn to areas which have a gender element in them. Thus they will be found in education, childcare, family justice, law and order and social services departments. They are drawn to these areas as pedophiles are drawn to children.

  2. chiiill

    The vast majority of what A Voice for Men does is piss and moan about feminism. It is not a pro-men and boys organization; it is an anti-feminist organization. Its supporters should be embarrassed – especially after that hateful stunt where they set up a fake White Ribbon website to divert donations from people who actually help survivors of domestic violence. That poster mischaracterizes things and wrongly implies that feminism is misandristic. It’s stupid. Stuff on campuses gets torn down all the time, especially if it is stupid, disingenuous, or otherwise pisses people off. Pull your heads out of your asses and stop whining.

    • White Ribbon paints men as sole abusers and denies male victims of domestic violence. That makes it a hateful, misandric organization. So what if it does “good things” for female victims of domestic violence. The KKK did “good things” for white victims of black violence, that doesn’t make it a good organization.

      Funny, it seems the one with their head up their ass is you.

        • No one defended the KKK. Scare quotes are scare quotes. This, along with your many other trollish strawmans, are why you are no longer able to comment on this site.

          • Factsseeker

            chiiill’s comments show exactly how difficult it is for men to talk about men as human beings and possible victims. Anti-male commentators ask for citations but when they are provided, the commentators go into denial mode and immediately condemn any research that contradicts their rather bigoted views about men. There is now so much research about domestic violence perpetrated by women that it is incomprehensible that Australian male politicians still use the old stereotype of wife battering. There is not a single male DV shelter in Australia. This says it all. There is also also increasing research from around the world showing that women sexually abuse children and that this behaviour is quite widespread. Yet the Royal Commission on Child Sex Abuse has not made one investigation of a female abuser. Why ? Because this is not about children. It is all about gender politics and the need for society to demonize groups with society. There is plenty of historical precedent. Witches, blacks, socialists, trade unionists, Chinese, refugees, Jews, Muslims, Catholics have all been demonized in Australia in the past and today it is male human beings who are the target. Research out of Europe on ‘mobbing’ is exposing this dark side of society. The need to hate and target another group is still prevalent in modern societies. This is why men should be allowed free speech to speak out against oppression. Women must also be protected. Absolutely. But current social policy only seems to care about women, not men or children. So Jonathan, keep on speaking out and discount the comments of the chiiill’s of this world who are part of the mobbing crowd.


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