09/30/2014 Jonathan Taylor

KSU Men and the Male Students in Peril conference under attack

Surprise surprise – just like what happened with the First International Conference on Men’s Issues, the upcoming conference at KSU – organized by KSU Men (KSUM) – is now under increasing attack. In the video above you will see an interview about this between Sage Gerard, the president of KSUM, and Paul Elam of A Voice for Men.

Some of the attacks consist of the following:

  • Hit pieces in the student newspaper
  • Harassment of KSUM faculty advisors
  • Lies and slander against KSUM anonymously circulated
  • Intimidation and coercion tactics in the form of phony “notices” sent by the school against Sage and his group

All of these attacks have occurred just recently, as the conference appears just over the horizon. There is no evidence that any of the parties who disagree with Sage’s message of have directly approached Sage to engage in any kind of open or honest debate.

On the contrary, much like the totalitarians who disrupted Dr. Janice Fiamengo’s lecture at the University of Ottawa, much like the protesters at the University of Toronto, they immediately choose the path of suppression. One might wonder just how credible their worldview is that it cannot tolerate any kind of dissent. One might also why the concept of educational equity is so threatening to these kinds of people.

I have included a sort of timeline for this video so that you can quickly reference pertinent points in the video:

  • 0:01-5:00: introduction of interviewees and the upcoming conference
  • 5:00-7:30: Brief Opposition to KSUM
  • 7:30-9:00: KSUM’s faculty advisor bails due to anonymously circulated lie that SPLC declared AVFM a “hate group”
  • 9:00-11:00: Review of coverage of KSUM in local publications
  • 11:00-13:00: Paul’s refutation of SPLC inferences
  • 13:00-15:00: Sage’s discussion of a new piece in The Sentinel regarding criticism of KSUM images
  • 15:00-17:45: Discussion of the philosophy of branding and uncomfortable truths
  • 17:45-19:25: Attention KSUM has been getting in the media
  • 19:25-20:45: Professors at the interdisciplindary studies program attack KSUM’s faculty advisors, and attack Sage Gerard at his job
  • 20:45-30:50: letter sent to Sage by KSU legal division harassing Sage with trumped up accusations, particularly accusations embellished and fabricated by KSU professor Scott Ritchie
  • 30:50-34:00: Discussion about how this attack on Sage by the faculty is really an attack on the conference this fall
  • 34:00-35:00: Refutation of accusation by professor of KSUM “promoting of violence against women”
  • 35:00-40:00: Sage sent open records request regarding emails about KSU Men and A Voice for Men. Sage discusses a conspiracy (no joke) among the GWST (gender and women’s studies department) as documented in these emails.
  • 40:00-End: Invitation to support KSU Men in the comments section of KSU’s online student newspapers, donate to AVFM, and closing thoughts
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Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan is Title IX For All's founder, editor, web designer, and database developer. Hailing from Texas, he makes a mean red beans n' rice and is always interested to learn new things.
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Jonathan Taylor Jonathan is Title IX For All's founder, editor, web designer, and database developer. Hailing from Texas, he makes a mean red beans n' rice and is always interested to learn new things.

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  1. I wonder if the outcome of the suppression of speech and exchange of ideas by feminists will lead to the demise of feminism? Of course it is even more disappointing when our institutions of higher learning suppress critiques. But when an ideology cannot withstand any scrutiny or survive any discourse, surely it leads to or is indicative of a tenuous foundation. Feminism has a foundation of fear, and part of that fear is the ideology is not robust enough to survive rigorous analysis. And actually this fear is based on reality.

      • If I could make a rough prediction, I think that things will get worse before they get better…for about another 10 years or so.

        Which really sucks. But on the bright side, Feminism is being given enough rope to hang itself.


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