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No, Yvette Cooper, teaching misandry in British schools will not solve teens’ problems

From the Daily Mail, a UK publication, we hear this:

Schoolboys need to have lessons in feminism to help teach them out to treat women, Labour claims.

That is like saying we need schools to teach white nationalism to help curb gang violence.

Compulsory sex education classes should be held in all schools to tackle the rise of sexist abuse fuelled by internet porn, Yvette Cooper said. The shadow home secretary warned a culture is spreading in schools where girls are subject to verbal abuse and have their shirts undone and skirts lifted by boys who do not respect them.

Men and women have always been subjected to verbal abuse – including abuse on the basis of sex. The reality, however, is that most such abuse is intrasex, not intersex. In other words, the abuse is primarily girl-on-girl and boy-on-boy. An article in TIME Magazine earlier this year, for example, pointed out a British study concluding that women slut-shame each other twice as much as men slut-shame women.

Feminism states quite dogmatically that all abuse in the context of gender is male-on-female. Not because it actually is, but because Feminists have a desperate desire to see men painted as evil at every opportunity. We don’t need this kind of nonsense, divisiveness, and anti-male atmosphere in our schools, especially when boys tend to be faring rather poorly in terms of educational achievement relative to girls. We also need to make sure that the educational environment is one where they don’t feel alienated and demonized simply for having a penis.

If girls are “having their shirts undone,” that needs to be addressed on a case-by-case basis. But to cite this and treat this like an epidemic is asinine.

Schools, colleges and universities are to be consulted on changes in rules – or the law – which are needed to tackle the problem. Labour warns too many boys believe abuse is ‘normal’ and it is fuelling a culture of violence against women and girls.

Translation: normal male sexuality is being demonized by a bunch of man-haters who choose to see – against the evidence – that male-on-female abuse is normal and that normal male sexuality is just a rape waiting to happen.

Pornography is fueling a culture of violence? That’s a rather curious claim. Even as pornography has exploded across the internet rape has been on a staggering decline, as the Department of Justice reports:


Graph via Department of Justice / NCVS

USA Today also reports that rapes have reached a 20-year low. So unless you are somehow thinking that British men are far more inclined to rape than U.S. men when given the same stimuli, I think it’s safe to call bullshit. Or as the British would say, bollocks.

The data has clearly proven time and time and time again that as pornography has increased sexual victimization has decreased. But that still hasn’t stopped Feminists from beating the tom-tom and invoking the “pornography to rape pipeline” (can I say I coined that phrase?) in their campaign to demonize male sexuality. In fact, it seems that the more porn is available the more Feminists have to pretend that rape is getting worse and worse. The more the data proves them wrong the they double-down on their dogma.

So why do Feminists keep insisting on this? It’s quite simple. Because they are haters. And as the phrase goes, “haters gonna hate.”  Regardless of the facts.

Ms Cooper insisted the problems being played out in classrooms today are more than the ‘hormonal mix of over-excited boys, irritated girls, and clumsy flirting that gets a bit out of hand’. Writing in the Independent, she said the problems are getting worse, with growing levels of abuse and harassment of young women and girls.

Is abuse really getting worse, or are Feminists simply expanding the definition of abuse to mean “anything a guy does that I don’t like”? And what about abusive behavior from women?

According to an article about Cooper in The Independent:

So called “revenge porn” is growing making young lives a misery when an ex posts their half naked photos or stalks them online.

Yes, it is tasteless when people post “revenge porn” online. But how common is it, really? By the way, below is an (*ahem*) official graph depicting a female equivalent of “revenge porn.” Given that drama is more or less female pornography, and rumor-mongering and gossip are the primary methods of facilitating that, I find it rather apt.


Admittedly this example – which has made its rounds across the internet – was a bit lighthearted. But we could also talk about women who falsely accuse men of rape for breaking up with them, as Hannah Byron did in 2012. What is Yvette Cooper prepared to do about things like that?

Nothing, of course. Sure, there are men who abuse women. And there are women who abuse men. But Feminism as a movement just can’t come to terms with both sides of the coin. In their world the face of evil must always be male. If women are singled out it’s misogyny. If men are singled out it’s “social justice.” That’s how they view the world.

It’s not that gendered abuse among men is the norm, as Feminists claim. It’s that misandry is the normative worldview among Feminists.

The NUS are worried about an increasingly abusive culture on campuses with jokes about rape and ‘innocent’ groping seen as fairly commonplace.

People joke about all forms of abuse all the time. The only difference in this case is that we care so much about abuse that tends to affect women that we effectively treat it as holy. Of course, you don’t joke about things that are holy – such things are “set apart.” And rape is the Feminist “Holy of Holies,” so to speak. It’s more important to them than famine, murder, and genocide.

That is why rape jokes and not murder jokes jar the ear: not because society cares so little about the rape of women, but on the contrary – because it does.

Here’s a crazy idea: let’s teach students based on science and egalitarian values. Not the dictates of frazzled and out-of-touch ideologues whose pretensions toward equality and fairness have long dissipated in their desperation to maintain relevance in a changing world.

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Jonathan is Title IX For All's founder, editor, web designer, and database developer. Hailing from Texas, he makes a mean red beans n' rice and is always interested to learn new things.
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Jonathan Taylor Jonathan is Title IX For All's founder, editor, web designer, and database developer. Hailing from Texas, he makes a mean red beans n' rice and is always interested to learn new things.

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  1. Trevor Smith

    Sad when a child’s educational agenda is not about the interests of the child but instead furthering some other groups agenda. Creating more little fembots instead of critical thinkers. Thanks for this Jonathan

  2. Not to be forgotten is that she was one of the many MP’s to be caught far too close to groups like PIE in the 70’s, so not only is she clearly as batty as Harman, but could potentially have tacitly supported a crime with has just made Rotheram world famous.


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