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Director of Montessori preschool: “You do not automatically trust men around young children.”

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If there is one thing that men’s advocates tend to do well, it’s make screenshots and keep records of what is said and done. Today I bring you another such example. It’s not one “of my own digging,” so to speak. It comes from Reddit, and it provokes an interesting discussion about the status of male teachers and male role-models in lower education. It also provokes a discussion about “doxxing,” as Reddit and similar sites call it.

Quora – much like Yahoo! Answers, is a website where people can post questions and have the Quora community answer. One day a user posed this question:

“Why aren’t there many men teaching in preschools and elementary schools? Do they hate being around children below the age 10?”

There were many interesting responses, which we’ll get to. But here was the most interesting one by far:


Here this person engages in some Q&A with another commenter:


The comments no longer exist on Quora. Now you are instead given this:

quora teacher comments removed

Of course, we could also use stereotypes about women to keep them from having any kind of right to a job or career. “Women are emotional and don’t make good decisions.” And so on. But that of course would be sexist.

Since the screenshots were linked on Reddit, they had to conceal the name of this preschool director. Why? Because of Reddit’s anti-“doxxing” policy. Doxxing was originally a valid concern about cyberstalking because people were posting residential addresses of people they didn’t like, which put others in reasonable fear of their own safety (note: posting the addresses of anyone also against AVFMS policy; that’s also why you won’t see a CV, which often lists a home address, uploaded here).

On Reddit, however, the definition of doxxing was expanded to include simply naming people who say and do horrible things on anything that could be remotely construed as “social media.” Quora is not a social media website, but it does integrate with it.

So what this means is that this preschool director will in all likelihood continue to discriminate against male teachers behind closed doors for the rest of their career as the director, and we have absolutely no way to provide them any form of redress because we don’t know this person’s name.

Note to men’s and boys’ advocates: this is why you submit this kind of thing to A Voice for Male Students if you actually want anything to be done. Reddit is just for talking – that’s it. The admins have clarified this over and over, and the subreddit mods will fall in line. That’s not to say Reddit is “bad”; you just have to take it for what it is – discussion, and little else (which it does that very well) – and go elsewhere for more.

I attempted to look up a historical “snapshot” of the Quora page at the Wayback Machine, a website that collects website snapshots and various points in time. Here is what I got:


Interestingly, if you look at Quora’s robots.txt file you’ll see that it specifically references the Wayback Machine. It says:

People share a lot of sensitive material on Quora – controversial political views, workplace gossip and compensation, and negative opinions held of companies. Over many years, as they change jobs or change their views, it is important that they can delete or anonymize their previously-written answers. We opt out of the wayback machine because inclusion would allow people to discover the identity of authors who had written sensitive answers publicly and later had made them anonymous, and because it would prevent authors from being able to remove their content from the internet if they change their mind about publishing it.

Indeed. But some things are not just better left unsaid. They are better left not done.

Still, we are at least able to get some good discussion out of this. Here are some other interesting responses on Quora:

My wife works in the Early Childhood sector and this is an issue that comes up regularly. Education authorities would love to see more men in preschools to provide role models at that important age. Universities need more male students to make up their targets. Schools need good teachers whatever their gender. But parents will pull their children out of any preschool that tries to appoint a male preschool teacher.

– Michel Clasquin-Johnson

I think the reason the number has lessened over time, is because the people hiring them are concerned about the parents’ worries over men and children. My daughter went to a primary school with over 500 kids. Every teacher and teaching assistant was female. The few times I mentioned this, I was told that this is what most parents want, and that the school governors do not even consider hiring male teachers. Sad, but unfortunately true.

– Steve Black

This brings me to an important point that bears repeating: as much as we criticize administrators and teachers, the problem of misandry is truly a widespread cultural phenomenon. It’s not just schools that have to change; it’s parents that need to change as well.


That is a big concern for Education programs in American universities,  the lack of male enrollment.  The principal reason is fear of any false accusation of sexual misconduct, and secondly –salary.

– Viviane Blais

Although I think the discussion of low teacher pay is generally overexaggerated (usually because they compare pay for their nine-month job to another’s pay for a 12-month job), those who work with children in a professional setting generally are underpaid. Taking care of children is no small responsibility.

And of course, let’s wheel in the obligatory equivator, who compares an apple to an orange and argues that they are the same:

I think there is another simpler way to look at this. Just like it is very difficult for a woman to be the only female student in a college engineering class, it can be very intimidating to be the “only” man in a room full of women.

– Aran Johnson

That’s not just a simpler way of looking at it. It’s a shallow way of looking at it. If you’re a female engineering student, what’s the worst you have to fear? The random and rare chance of being undervalued because you’re a woman.

And actually, in all likelihood your work will far more often be overvalued because you are a woman. Why? Because promoters of diversity are always trying to find a way to prop women up. Affirmative action,”positive” discrimination, female-only professional development and networking programs, female-only grants and scholarships, and all that kind of thing.

If you’re a male teacher, what’s the worst you have to fear? Having your entire life ruined by an irrational parent falsely accusing you of molesting children, and a cowardly administration that fails to take any kind of principled stand. It’s not a “temporary stumbling block.” Your career and reputation are over. There is no equivalency.

Last quote:

I’ve been teaching High School for some time, and when my district really needed me to fill in for 4th grade, it was a non-starter. The inventively coded parental language is what got me in trouble, since when you point out their fallacies,  prejudice, & hypocrisy in calm, measured tones they really really really don’t like it.

They really, really, really don’t like it because you’re getting to the truth of the matter. Which is all the reason why they need to be pointed out more strongly, and more often. The degree of your stridency must be equal to the degree of the complacency of your opponents – but just to make your voice equally heard. It needs to exceed that ratio to get anything done.

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Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan is Title IX For All's founder, editor, web designer, and database developer. Hailing from Texas, he makes a mean red beans n' rice and is always interested to learn new things.
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Jonathan Taylor Jonathan is Title IX For All's founder, editor, web designer, and database developer. Hailing from Texas, he makes a mean red beans n' rice and is always interested to learn new things.

Comments (13)

    • That’s absolutely true. It’s something the mainstream media covers up and actually attempts to project the complete opposite.

  1. I have experience with the Montessori school.

    When my son’s mother left with our son, she enrolled him in Montessori. My son’s mother was regularly at the school, and all was fine for a while. They even asked me to participate in the classroom, which I did on two occasions: once I led the kids on an imaginary canoe trip, complete with cut out canoe and toy paddles, another time I brought in trumpets and talked about music. The teachers were really impressed at how I kept the kids engaged and asked me if I had training or experience as a teacher. No, I didn’t, but I like having fun as much as the kids.

    Then my son’s mother was jealous. We couldn’t communicate and through mediation, they suggested that I write any communication needs in a letter for her, but she decided to refuse a letter in the Montessori parking lot. She threw the letter on the ground and started yelling at me and cussing me in the parking lot. The Montessori teachers watched, and saw it all. I did not respond to the mother, but picked up the letter and informed her that I legally had to give her this information. She threw back at me and yelled some more.

    You may have guessed it: I was banned from the Montessori afterwards for the remaining time that my son attended. The teachers even denied to her lawyers and in writing that I had any involvement in the classroom, and claimed that I instigated the parking lot incident. Outright lies. My sons mother continued to be welcomed and celebrated at the school.

    I do not trust any teachers in education below grade 7. They live and breathe in a culture that promotes suspicion if not hatred of males. Things changed radically when my son went to high school. His mother was not able to dominate anymore.

    Avoid Montessori crap at all cost.

    • I had no idea you did that. It sounds like you were an awesome inspiration to the kids.

      Elementary / preschool education are definitely woman’s clubs, and I have no doubt that many of them will stick together to preserve that club, regardless of what’s right. This helps add some good perspective. Thank you.

      • Malcolm James

        Indeed. You only need to watch some of the programmes i linked to in my post about Gareth Malone to see that.

    • DavidG

      So sorry to hear, but what can anyone expect any better from our Commie Union female Teachers also raping our kids at almost one per week and now carrying guns just about says it all. They/Obama appointed a loud/proud NABLA Pedophile as our “Safes Schools” Czar if you just Google it. Can’t miss their loud/proud Colorado DNC Chair Dennis ” the menace” denying anything about Jessica’s Law while grabbing women’s guns… Just look at all of the Commie Flags as an old term made very clear by our uber sick democrats today. Just look at their “teachers and officials” being dumber than their students is just one issue. Of course their all the very same Communosocialists and know very it’s all of the same uber bloody slope. Sorry, but we need older teachers not some 20Nothings only a few years older than their students. Nothing but females posing as ” women” leading their Commie/Sharia Charge…Once Again.

  2. Safi Karim

    “The potential for sexual abuse, with higher physical and emotional damage, is just higher with men than with woman” I really, really hate people who think this. It’s because of these kind of people that women can go on raping boys for years unaddressed because everyone narrow-mindedly refuses to even consider that women do things like this

    And it’s because of these kinds of people that even when a woman is caught doing this, she gets little to no punishment and victim get no support and very little compassion from society, because apparently “there’s no damage when women do it”

    Her words are clearly coming from someone who can’t possibly understand what a child raped by a female is going through. If she actually give a shit about the well-being of the children she wouldn’t let any random woman who applies work with children either, as a lot of sexual abuse towards children is committed by female teachers, female relatives, female babysitters, etc

    For her to act like there’s not enough significant physical or emotional damage by female sexual abusers for her to be worried about what women she hires tells me she’s either extremely ignorant on the topic–and therefore shouldn’t be in a position responsible for children’s safety if she doesn’t know anything about it–or that she’s covering for herself and/or other women who she knows rape children

    • DavidG

      Just look at all of the ” women” teachers raping our kids at almost one per week and now carrying guns…..Just can’t miss Obama’s loud/ proud NAMBLA Pedophile they made our first Safe Schools Czar nor the loud/ proud CO DNC Chair denying anything about Jessica’s Laws being the most horrific crime ever committed to a sweet young girl… So stop being another Google stupid punk and go do these simple searches to see the female predators/warriors leading their Commie/Sharia charge just like before and… Once Again.

  3. Malcolm James

    The problem is that if (or rather when, because it’s bound to happen sometime, somewhere) a male teacher is found to be abusing children (not just accused maliciously, but there is hard evidence) the education authority will be sued for enormous sums by the parents and the principal will be severely criticized for not preventing it and his/her job might be on the line. Not taking a risk on male teachers is therefore simply CYA.

    As the excellent Robert Franklin writes when fathers are denied contact with their children where there has been alleged abuse which is not substantiated and may be malicious, judges are similarly ‘erring on the side of caution’, but are, in fact erring on the side of ‘hidden harm’. When we can accept that a small minority of male teachers might be in the profession for nefarious reasons and deal with them as appropriate, without turning the incident into a massive witch hunt this will be one step to solving the problem.

  4. This is part of the reason my daughter is going to a private all girls Catholic school run by Ursuline sisters, and my son to a private all boys Catholic school run by Cistercian monks. The girls are surrounded by women and girls and are able to be themselves, and the boys by men and boys and allowed to be themselves. And before you ask, no, I don’t worry about boys being raped by the monks. Statistically, they are more likely to be abused by protestants and women. The liberal media hates Catholics and deliberately singles them out, not to mention the only priests who abuse children came into the Church after that mass liberalization called Vatican II. But that’s another story.

    • Safi Karim

      “they are more likely to be abused by protestants and women” True, there are a lot more female public school teachers raping their under-aged students than there are Catholic priests or monks doing it

  5. Anonymous age 72

    My grandson goes to a Montessori school in southern Texas. Once in a great while, my wife and I are back in the States, and my wife likes to pick him up at 3 instead of waiting until his parents show up an hour or two later.

    If she goes, she can waltz right up to the door with no one giving her a second glance. And this was true the first time before they got to know her.

    If I follow behind, a nasty looking female runs over and asks me what I want and why I am there.. I am not stupid but I am offended. That is also why I prefer not to return to the States except one month a year, and am trying to eliminate that.

    I read Uncle Tom’s Cabin as a small boy, and have never forgotten its message. If your country views you as evil because of your race or sex, and Harry Tubman comes by, you go with him. Not to Canada, but to Mexico.


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