This platform aims to create a community of voices around the issue of educational equity for men and boys. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, and if you would like to make your voice heard, this is the page for you.

This site reserves the right to change the titles of submissions (“headlines”) for clarity, focus, or to draw in readers. In addition, the publication of a post at this site does not indicate that this site agrees with all of the opinions expressed in the post. This site allows contributors a fair degree of individuality, and does not mind publishing conflicting viewpoints if it helps facilitate genuine discussion and remains consistent with this site’s mission and values.

Grammar and Spelling

Check your grammar and spelling several times via different methods. Avoid excessive use of quotation marks, because “doing” so tends to “distract” the “reader” from your “message.” Avoid using all caps (which comes across as if you are screaming – unless, of course, you want the reader to assume you are screaming), as well as overuse of italics and bold font.


Suggested lengths of submissions are 800-2800 words. Lengths outside these parameters will be considered if the content is well above average. Since using fewer words often has a greater punch than lengthy, grandiose prose, consider an “economy of words” as a general philosophy of writing. Remember that many people, if they see a post over 2800 words, will automatically forgo reading it no matter how well it is written.

Your Name

Submit your post under either your real name or respectable pseudonym. Do not submit multiple posts under multiple names. If you have been using a pseudonym and choose to use your real name, indicate so in your submission.


Cite your sources to make your writing more credible. A good philosophy is “when in doubt, cite it.” Remember that this site has a responsibility to maintain its own credibility. Do not misquote your sources, either deliberately or accidentally, or plagiarize another person’s work. If a claim (particularly regarding studies, statistics, and so forth) doesn’t have a citation, it may be removed, or a request may be sent to the author to provide a source.

Topical and Ideological Focus

The most basic requirement of a submission is that it has to be relevant to issues men and boys in education face. If you are unsure if the topic fits, feel free to contact the site administration at

In Your Submission Email

In the first few paragraphs, describe your post as briefly as possible and include any other relevant information. Beneath that, include the phrase “Article submission below:” followed by your submission. Do not send any attachments.

Send your submission to in the form of plain text. If you have never submitted before, please include a brief bio of yourself (~60 words or less please) that you would like readers to see.

Also, as a disclaimer to the few to whom this applies: please do not send submissions seeking to market a service that writes papers for students (promotes plagiarism). Such submissions will be automatically disregarded. Other kinds of services are generally OK so long as the writing is relevant and impactful.

Thank you for your interest!